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Now for me I would say to have the words ‘favorite’ and ‘dentist’ in the same sentence isn’t possible, yet here I am saying Dr. Paulette Sanford is my favorite dentist…of all time.

I used to think my story was unique…that I was the only person who was scared to death to go to the dentist. However I’ve come to find out that I’m not alone. Apparently, there are a lot of people, men and women alike, of a certain age…like baby boomers, who very bad experiences with their dentist when they were little.  Experiences, like mine, that made going to my annual dentist appointments, something I absolutely dreaded.

In my case about 10 years had gone by since I quit going to the dentist. The thing is, the more time that passed, the harder it was to begin again. I was worried about what they might find.  Then Dr. Paulette Sanford joined our networking group. She was opening her dental office, Kohler’s Crossing Dental, and like many in the group I wanted to support her in her new endeavor.  But that meant I had to make an appointment…ugh.

I was not the first in our group to make an appointment with Paulette, but over time I figured I had no excuse. I knew how important good oral hygiene is to our health and I knew it had been over 10 years since I had my teeth checked, so I had to go.

It wasn’t that bad…I wish I could say I love going to the dentist now, but I can’t, there’s still, too much water under the bridge as they say. But I’m not the nervous wreck I was when I first starting going to Dr. Sanford.

So why the blog about dentistry you might ask? Well, it’s because Dr. Sandford can’t blow her own horn. Even in our networking group she can’t point out which of us are patients. So this week a few of us decided to get our photos taken with our favorite dentist. A few others were missing so down the road we’ll have to update our photo. But here are a few of those in Hometown Networking Group that call Dr. Paulette Sanford, our favorite dentist.

if you too are afraid of the dentist, or you want to ensure that your kids have a dentist who works with a ‘gentle touch’ then give Kohler’s Crossing Dental a try. The office is right next to Plum Creek Golf Course and Summermoon.  Call for an appointment  512-593-1764.

Left to Right  First Row Dr. Paulette Sanford. Second Row; Celeste Messer, Ron Martin, Jim Collins, Everend Thorne, Third Row; Rob Oskins, Joe Wargo, Jeremy McBroom



Upcoming meetings and Member Spotlights:


24th   Meli Van Natta  Texas Reverse Mortgage                       Education Moment:  Rob Oskins

31st    Joe Wargo   Joe Wargo CPA                                               Education Moment: Trish Wilder


7th:   Terry Lee      Raymond James Investing                            Education Moment: Celeste Messer
14th: Virginia Kekahuna    Acuity Eye Care                                 Education Moment:  Irene Melendez

21st: No Meeting – Thanksgiving                                                  Education Moment:  Rob Oskins

28th: Vanessa Zelitt   Rodan & Fields                                          Education Moment: Trish Wilder


5th      No meeting  Evening Christmas Party

12th    Jim Collins   Firelight Lazer                                                Education Moment:  Irene Melendez

19th    Everend Thorne  ET’s Home Repair                                Education Moment:  Rob Oskins

26th  No meeting Christmas holiday


2nd  No formal meeting, group-one-on-ones free breakfast  Education Moment: None




Come check us out. We welcome you to join us on Wednesday morning and meet some great local business owners.  What have you got to lose? Your first breakfast is on us! Dues are $60/quarter or $200/year. If you’re not ready to commit or can’t manage to come every Wednesday but you would still like to connect? We have an option for you. You are welcome to come any time you’d like and pay $10.

The group meets every Wednesday morning at Kyle IHOP  5401 Kyle Centre Dr, Kyle, TX 78640 (I35 Southbound Access Rd, just South of Kyle Expressway and I35 intersection).  Informal networking begins at 8:15, Meeting begins at 8:30 and ends promptly at 9:30.

You can find out more about our group at: https://hometownnetworking.org

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