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We’re finally getting the long needed rain but come to find out that people in Texas don’t seem to know how to drive on wet roads. So there were a few stragglers this morning. But that aside we got together for our weekly Wednesday morning meetings at the Kyle IHOP restaurant and as always it’s a nice group to touch base with every week.

Ron Martin, President of the group, started us off with having everyone tell the group about their favorite car. The responses were all over the map, from “I am not a car person so i really don’t have a favorite,” to detailed descriptions of cars that clearly were major parts of some of the member’s lives. Several members of the group clearly had some wild days in their teenage years.

Education Moment was done by Irene Melendez with Broadway Bank stressing the importance of one-on-one with our clients. Something as simple as a birthday card or get well card can truly make a difference and brighten someone’s day.

This morning’s “Member Spotlight” was John Hardy with Divided Sky Roofing and Exteriors John is a Texan, born near Tyler Texas, the oldest of 3. 

He moved to the Kyle are in 2001 and was in the last class of what was then called Southwest Texas State University. He is a proclaimed ‘outdoorsy’ type, loving all outdoor activities. So much so that he was for a time a whitewater rafting guide and worked in summer camps for several years, working his way up to Program Director.

This love of the outdoors has played a key role in his life in more ways than one, not only did it support him financially over the years, but also he met his wife when she was a girl scout counselor on a rafting trip in which he was the guide.

John started a summer camp called Epic Adventures and is still involved with it today. He’s passionate about helping the young high school age kids develop or expand their knowledge and love for the outdoors. In fact many of the kids who have gone through the program say it changed their lives.  The groups go on trips including activities such as camping, backpacking, rock climbing etc. The trips are taken in states including New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina and even in the Big Ben areas.

He became an insurance adjuster in 2010 but when his young son was born he no longer wanted to be on the road. That’s when he became involved in the other side of the insurance claims, the contractor side working on roofing, gutters and other items on the external side of the home.

When asked how he came up with the name for his company, Divided Sky Roofing and Exteriors , He said one of his favorite bands was PHISH and one of his favorite songs they performed was Divided Sky. The rest was history.

So if you are in need of a new roof or anything having to do with fixing up the outside of your home, give John a call at 903 530 4325.



Upcoming meeting, Member Spotlight and Education Minute Speaker Schedule:


19th  Guest Speaker  Judge Andrew Cable                                                          Education Moment Rob Oskins Blue Crest Media

26th  Terry Lawrence  Reliable Automotive                                                         Education Moment Trish Wilder Edward Jones 




How about checking us out? We welcome you to join us on Wednesday morning and meet some great local business owners.  What have you got to lose? Your first breakfast is on us!

The group meets every Wednesday morning at Kyle IHOP  5401 Kyle Centre Dr, Kyle, TX 78640 (I35 Southbound Access Rd, just South of Kyle Expressway and I35 intersection).  Informal networking begins at 8:15, Meeting begins at 8:30 and ends promptly at 9:30.

You can find out more about our group at: https://hometownnetworking.org

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