Professionals for Every Industry

You’ll always know who to recommend!

Relationships are an important part of our lives but nowhere are relationships more important than when it comes to building our business.
We all know the value of a referral from a person you trust. This philosophy is an important part of our success and, therefore, attendance is a critical part of membership. Its only by faithfully participating in each meeting and having one on one meetings with the members that beneficial relationships will occur, giving solid leads to new opportunities.



We provide a unique opportunity to make each specific business top of mind

We limit membership to a single business type so there can only be one residential realtor, one plumber, one CPA, one lawyer and so on. Each membership application will be reviewed to ensure there are no conflicts with an existing members business type. If we do find a conflict, we will be happy to place the applicant on a waiting list should the business type become available. This membership approach offers a unique opportunity to make each specific business top of mind when inquiries arise for a referral. Additionally, with each new membership to The Group, comes a greater opportunity to grow each business within the group through referrals.