Our Leadership Committee

Monty Maulding – President

Ron Martin – Vice President 

Tim McHutchion – Secretary

Joe Wargo – Treasurer

Danette Castaneda – Membership Coordinator

Our Board Members

Travis Thibodeaux

Jim Collins

Everend Thorne

Stacey Lemire Martin

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I’ve been a member of HNG since 2007. My reason for joining initially was for the purpose of getting/growing a business. I can honestly say that while I of course love the referrals, it’s the relationships that I have built that I really appreciate. I have seen multiple times when the group gathers around members in time of need (personal or business). I’ve seen business grow and prosper and even change as time goes by. This is a group of people who care about their clients and have values and work ethics similar to my own. Bottom line the group has become more than business associates, they have become my friends, people I know I can count on if I am ever in need. I have to say that is a good feeling. 

Celeste Messer Adkor Group with Maxavenue

I joined HNG shortly after I moved to Kyle in 2008. This was my first experience at a networking group, to be honest my first impression was, “this is kinda weird, is this a cult?”  Every week this same group of people get together and go through the same meeting, telling each other about their business and what referral would be great for them this week. I had no point of reference so for me it was just odd. But I stuck with it and grew to understand this process to be very beneficial for me and my business.  This 60-90 minutes each week adds focus and accountability to the growth of my business. I’ve come to rely on this time to escape from working in my business to working on my business in a small way.

Everend Thorne, ET’s Home Repair


[STOCK COPY – NEED TO REPLACE] As a farmer, it’s great knowing that the food I’m growing is able to be used locally instead of being shipped across the country. Being able to partner with restaurants like La Casa Colonica means that farmers can demand fair prices that keep their family on the farm, generation after generation. Their willingness to work with seasonal changes in produce makes a great partnership.

Jim Collins, Firelight Laser

Hi, I’m Stacey Martin with Awaken Austin. We specialize in Wellness through services for your head, your heart, and your body. I love my Hometown Networking Group in Kyle! We have fun and enjoy creating long lasting relationships with people we trust to refer our friends, family and customers.

Stacey Martin, Awaken Austin